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⁣The beauty of Sohrai and Khovar paintings

Sohrai Painting: Excellent Free hand Creativity

Artist: Mrs. Parwati Devi, Charhi.

Shilpakari had a great interaction with the famous artist and trainer of Sohrai Painting- Mrs. Parwati Devi of Charhi, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. She is the excellent trainer of Jharkhand who is running her office in the name of shilpkaari Association. She had an experience of 10 years of training in shilpkaari Committee and her whole family members are involved in painting as well as training. Her mother is also famous artists who had already performed her skills at different parts of India as well as abroad like Australia, America etc.

She learnt the skills from her mother since childhood who was working as a staff & trainer .This is the family business as whole family members are interested in working with Sohrai painting. In 2010, shilpkaari association was hiring few artists of Sohrai and she was also listed in list. Thereafter, she was appointed as staff member and after her brilliant working, soon she was appointed as trainer in 2010 and office responsibilities was handled to her. Now, she is appointed for training in NGO company for 1000 women and start soon as lockdown ends. She has brilliant skills of training on vast range of utilities product which are designed with Sohrai. The normal training programme is about for 3 months.

This art is very important for me and my family as this hand skills are magic work for us for earning livelihood. This is the specific job for women and every women have right to learns skills and earns her own income. This free hand work skills may develops you to become the famous artists, no courses are there to prove to be artist. There are large number of paintings in India which are preserved by the people so that in future painting would continues to flourish is beauty and colors and in present day this painting is boons for every women specially the tribal people. Likewise Madhubani or Maithili painting Sohrai is also regional painting which can helps to create the beauty of India. This can helps to boost the happiness and belief in self dependent or self reliant among the Indians.

Sohrai painting is done with both fabric as well as clay colors, every designing are specific to each and every artists since it is free hand arts, no ideas and designs coincides with each other. The painting skills are based on mental ideas and creativities which differ from artist to artist. While training each contents and structures are trained step wise and at the ends whole shape and structures are compile to form complete diagram. This takes 3 month to achieve full learning and skills.

Shilpkaari had invited lots fairs and exhibitions at different regions of Jharkhand. Hazaribagh host big fairs of shilpkaari where different artists of different traditional artwork are gathered together to performs their skills and artworks. The wall paintings are also offered from the government and covered major areas of Hazaribagh and different parts of Jharkhand. This wall painting is very famous around the country which have covered major of the advertising wall, and it is the one of the success sources in‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.

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