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⁣The symbols of Love and Happiness

Madhubani/Kohbar Painting:

Artist- Mrs. Lalita Singh Jha-

Let's meet our artist- Mrs. Lalita Singh Jha and businessman Mr. Ajit Singh Jha of Bariyatu Housing Colony, Ranchi, Jharkhand. Mr. Ajit Jha shared the great experiencing life and about ancient painting with Shilpkaari in interview. They have been dealing their business related with Madhubani and Kohbar painting on sarees, kurtis, dupattas, masks etc. and due to Pandemic strike, cotton masks are being made which has high demand now-a-day.

Madhubani painting was started by artist Mrs. Lalita Singh 15 years ago. She and her husband together started their own startup from 2017 after experiencing with Madhubani painting artwork. In present day and 5-6 ladies staff had been hired permanently for continuous running of startup and earning their livelihood. Under the guidance of Mrs. Lalita Jha, all workers are able to give beautiful and amazing art of Madhubani. And they named their startup as“Maa Beti Madhubani painting shop” at Bariatu Housing Colony. Mr Ajit had great experienced in company for over 22 years as a Regional Manager of sales and marketing over Bihar and Jharkhand and other places. And after leaving his job he and his wife decided to start a startup for Indian traditional art. They wanted to enrich the localities with traditional art in urban areas because there were no Madhubani shop nearby. Due to modernity the madhubani painting is being vanishing and everyone must aware that madhubani is the magic painting of India. Their goal was to spread the echoes of cultural art.

“Because I had served a lot of hard work with Marketing at different regions, I decided to work with own startup and after opening of shop, with a lot of appreciative views from public on our work me and my wife finally managed to create my identity throughout the state. Even VIP are also visiting regularly and this gives the proud moment for us. Within two years, the publicity raised up and even foreign friends also buyied from my shop. They were impressed on our beautiful products which is designed with our own hands. They were surprised as our hand are transplanted with magic stick.Mr. Ajit Jha said.

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